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123SmartBMS SSR(Relais) 48V (für alle 123BMS)


123SmartBMS SSR(Relais) 48V (für alle 123BMS)

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120A switching capability. @12V, 60A @ 24V
UC3 rating of IEC62055-31 standard.

Latching Relay NRL709F 120A@12V
Latching Relay120A NRL709F
Relay Size:68X40X25
Contact form:1A, 1B
Contact material:AgSnO2
Contact rating:120A 250VAC
Coil voltage:12VDC
Coil power (w):S: 2.5; D: 5.0
Pulse width:=50ms
Electrical life:=1X104
Mechanical life:=1X106
Dielectric strength:Between open contacts:=1500VAC
Between coil and contact:=2500VAC
Pick-up voltage:=75%
Drop-out voltage:=75%
Contact resistance:=2.0mO

Insulation resistance:=1000MO
Operation temperature:-40~+55`C
Anschlussgewinde: M6
Relay Weight:180g

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